Track magazine readership using Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics for magazines on Google Play Newsstand

Google Analytics is a tool that offers rich insight into website traffic. You can also use it to analyze aggregated readership data for your magazines in Google Play Newsstand. Here's how:

  1. Create a new property in Google Analytics.
    You'll need to have an existing Google Analytics account, or create a new one. In your Google Analytics account, create a new property of the "mobile app" type and associate it with your magazine.

  2. Get your Google Analytics property tracking ID.
    Find your property tracking ID, which will look something like UA-12345678-9.

  3. Associate your magazine with your Google Analytics account.
    Open your magazine in Google Play Newsstand Producer and navigate to Edition settings on the navigation menu. Expand the Setup Google Analytics settings, enter your Google Analytics profile tracking ID from the previous step, and click the Update button.

That's it! Google Analytics will start tracking users' viewing activity so that you can see an aggregated view of your readership via the Analytics dashboard.

View your magazines readership data

Currently, Google Analytics can help you track the following metrics:

  • Top devices used for reading your magazines
    (Navigate to Audience > Mobile > Devices.)
  • Number of users who read a magazine, article, or page
    (Navigate to Content > Site Content > Content Drilldown and look at the Pageviews and Unique Pageviews columns.)
  • Average time spent reading the magazine, article, or page
    (Navigate to Content > Site Content > Content Drilldown' and look at the Avg. Time on Page column.)

When a user reads your magazine, the action is recorded in Google Analytics as a path, which always starts with /magazines/. The next level in the path will be the magazine title. For example, a magazine titled Google Magazines Monthly would generate this path:


The next level would be the issue:


Content viewed in pages mode is tracked differently from content viewed in text-only mode. For pages mode, the next level will list the specific page numbers viewed:


For content view in text-only mode, the article title will display. For example, the following path might be generated for an article titled "Magazines launch on Google Play":


You can navigate through path levels by visiting your Google Analytics account, clicking Content on the side navigation menu, then Site Content and Content Drilldown.

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