Set up your magazine edition

After you've submitted your settings workbook, your account manager will set up your magazines using the data you provided.

If you're on the Publisher settings page, you can view your magazines by clicking Edition settings at the bottom of the side navigation menu.

Review your edition settings

Under Edition settings, review the settings your Google account manager has filled out for you, by choosing your edition from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, above the issue preview. The first drop-down menu displays a list of all your magazine titles. The other drop-down menu displays a list of all the issues for a particular magazine.

  • Edition name. The magazine name (e.g., "Mountain View Magazine").

  • Basic information:
    • Category. The magazine's category in the Google Play store.
    • Description. The magazine's description as shown in the store.
  • Setup Google Analytics: You may enter a Google Analytics property ID here to track usage of your magazines in the reports provided in your publisher account. (Learn how to use Google Analytics with your magazines on Google Play Newsstand.)

Grant access to your edition

Granting access to users at the edition level will allow users to modify pricing, content and publication dates. Users added at the edition level will not have access to sales reports found in Publisher settings.

Learn more about Google Play Newsstand Producer access levels.

Create issues

Create a new issue

You'll need to create issues for each edition you set up (unless your title is a one-off title).

Near the top of the page, you will see two drop-down menus. Click Create new issue.

Fill out the issue settings

Fill out the fields under Edition settings > Issue settings:

  • Issue information. The magazine issue name and description as shown in the Google Play store (e.g., May 2012).

    Please note the following naming conventions:
    • For monthlies: Apr 2012
    • For bi-monthlies: May/Jun 2012
    • For quarterlies: Apr/May/Jun 2012
    • For weeklies (and anything more frequent than monthly): Jun 15 2012
  • Cover image. A thumbnail of the issue cover as shown in the store.

  • Promotional cover image. A thumbnail of the issue cover as shown in the store.

  • Preview images. The preview images selected for display in the store.

Distribute your edition

Please fill out the distribution settings under Distribute, in the side navigation menu:

  • International distribution. Google Play Newsstand is currently available only in a limited number of countries. By default, your magazine will be set for worldwide availability, which will allow your magazines to be distributed in any new countries where we launch. If you'd like to restrict access, you can select a more targeted distribution by either allowing specific countries (users in other countries will be unable to subscribe) or blocking specific countries (users in all other countries can subscribe). Any changes to your international distribution settings will become effective immediately.

  • Language:
    • Primary language. The language in which your magazine is published.
    • Automatic translation. This feature isn't available for magazines.
  • Publisher. The publisher for the magazine issue. This should be set up for you already. This setting links your magazines to your publisher account (with your bank account information and reports). Do not update this field.

  • Pricing:

    Under Country settings, select Manage country settings in order to see a drop-down menu containing each region where your account is set up to sell magazines. Click on the link for each region to set or review prices according to the details below.

    • Pricing. Prices have been set up for you already, using the data you provided in your settings workbook. You should confirm your prices are appropriate. Possible pricing options include the following:

      • Single issue pricing for the latest issue
      • Single issue pricing for a back issue
      • Monthly subscription pricing
      • Annual subscription pricing

      You should also specify the following settings:

      • Free trial length
      • Print subscriber monthly pricing
        If you work with CDS or TCS for print fulfillment, you may choose to offer free or discounted digital access to your existing print subscribers. If you do not wish to offer a discounted price, leave this field blank.
    • Print subscriber verification settings:

      • Fulfillment house used to validate print subscriptions (CDS, TCS)
      • Publisher hosted authentication form URL
      • Your publication ID at the fulfillment house
      • Primary method of verification (full name, street address, etc.)

Publish your edition

The on-sale date for your issues is set according to the schedule you provided. If an on-sale date has changed, please update it here only if the issue hasn't been published yet. If an issue is already live in the Google Play store, please don't change this date.

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