Fill out your publisher settings

You can access your publisher account anytime by clicking Publisher settings on the bottom of the side navigation menu in Google Play Newsstand Producer. You can return to your magazine settings by clicking Edition settings.

Publisher basics

Here you can update your contact person and privacy policy should you need to do so.

Tax rate

You don't need to make any changes on this page.

Grant access

You can allow others to access your Google Play Newsstand Producer account by adding them as managers. Managers will have full access to your magazine settings, payment settings, and reports.

You can add anyone with a Google account as a manager by entering their email address. To add multiple managers at the same time, enter a list of their addresses into the Managers box, separated by commas. Click the gray x to remove a manager.

Learn more about granting access to your account.


When you first visit this page, a red banner will request that you "Address these issues with your payments account" so that you can get paid. Click the banner to expand the list of issues.

  • This account has no valid form of payment. Please specify a form of payment in order to get paid.
    To address this issue, click Add now. Follow the instructions to add a payment method by providing your bank account details. You'll need to verify ownership of the account.
  • Please update your tax information in order to get paid.
    Click Update and follow the instructions to provide any necessary tax information.

If you need to make changes to your tax rate settings, you'll also see a box labeled Sales tax on this page. (Not all accounts will display this box.) Click Manage sales tax and provide tax rates for each region.


You may download the following types of reports by magazine and date range:

  • Transaction
  • Summary
  • Tax summary
  • Subscriber count

Learn more about how to read your reports.

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