Newsstand Producer FAQ


What is Google Play Newsstand?

Google Play Newsstand is a news and magazines mobile reading app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Learn more about Newsstand and Producer.

What is Producer?

Google Play Newsstand Producer is a publishing platform for creating Google Play Newsstand editions and magazines.

What is an edition?

A Newsstand edition is a publisher's customizable content experience in the Newsstand app. Your edition can feature different content sections, incorporate media like audio and video, and be customized to reflect the look and feel of your website. By creating a Newsstand edition, you also have access to ads and subscription revenue streams and millions of new readers.

Who can create an edition?

Any publisher can create an edition as long as it follows our quality and technical guidelines.


What is a magazine on Newsstand Producer?

A Newsstand magazine is the digital version of a traditional print magazine.

Who can feature their magazines in Newsstand Producer?

We currently work with select publishers on select markets. If you're eager to get your content onto Newsstand, you should consider setting up a feed-based edition, which is self-service via Producer.


Set up your edition

Why can't I use Producer with my browser?

Producer only works with Google Chrome.

Can I use Producer with a Google Apps account?


What happens after I publish my edition?

The Newsstand team regularly reviews newly published editions, and if your edition is high-quality and meets our inclusion guidelines, it can begin appearing as browsable in the Newsstand catalog. This means that your edition will appear to users who are browsing or searching in the Play Store and in the Newsstand app.

Why isn't my published edition returned in searches?

Newly published editions may not yet be reviewed. If your edition has been published for several weeks and is still not appearing in searches, it may not be up to our standards, and we recommend reviewing our inclusion guidelines and making changes accordingly. You may also find it helpful to consult with other Newsstand publishers in our forum and ask for feedback on your edition.

Gaining readers

How can readers subscribe to my edition?

Once you publish your edition, you can share a subscription link with your readers.

How can I improve the exposure of my edition in the Newsstand app and in the Play Store?

Make sure you edition complies with the Google Play Newsstand inclusion guidelines.

How can I promote my publication and gain readership?

Learn more about gaining readership. You may also find it helpful to read this post with tips for promoting editions and magazines.

How do I know how many subscribers my edition has?

Open Producer, select the edition, click Publish, and expand Set publication date. You can view your subscriber count next to Installs.

You can also implement Google Analytics to get a more comprehensive understanding of how users are engaging with your edition.

Does my edition require a minimum number of subscribers or exposure to include ads?


Where can users find my edition?

Can I read Newsstand content on iOS?

Yes, but magazines must first be purchased on another platform.

Can I read Newsstand content on a desktop PC?

You can only read magazines on desktop. Visit the Newsstand section of the Google Play store with a desktop browser, click My newsstand, select a magazine, and click Read.

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