Publish your edition

You can test completed editions and make them publicly available.

Set up and test your edition

Google News Producer displays a preview of your edition, but we recommend that you test a fully interactive version before distribution.

Once you publish your edition, you can share a link that opens the edition in users’ Google News app. You’re more likely to appear as browsable in the catalog if you ensure that your edition follows our general and technical guidelines.

How to test your edition 

If you don't see your edition, sync Google News by tapping Menu Moreand then Refresh.

  1. Go to the Publish section of Producer.
  2. Select the kind of device you want to test (Android or iPhone & iPad)..
  3. Click Subscribe.
  4. Install the Google News app on your mobile device.
  5. Use your administrator account email address to sign in to Google News.
  6. Turn on Designer mode.

Note: If you don't see your edition, tap Menu Moreand then Refresh

  1. Open your edition from the Google News home screen to see ongoing updates.

Review warnings

From the Publish tab, you can track potential issues with your edition under “Review warnings.” There, you’ll also find links that allow you to provide any missing settings. We recommend that you address all warnings before you publish your edition.


You can publish your edition to Google News immediately or at a specific date and time (in GMT).

To publish your edition, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Producer and click Publish and then Set publication date.

  2. Provide a publication date, and click Publish.

Once you've published your edition, you'll be able to find your edition ID in the Producer URL. For instance, if the Producer URL for your edition is!/r/edition:CJwejiiTWa:CAAqBwgKMNSGkAgwnZJ5/basics, your edition ID is CJwejiiTWa. The share link would be

When a reader opens the link on a supported device, they'll see a page describing the edition. They can tap Read in Google News to open the edition in the Google News app. When they open the edition in Google News, they'll be invited to subscribe to your edition.

After you publish your edition, we review it. You can share your edition through the share link, but users won't find it in the Google News app yet. Your edition will be discoverable after we approve it per the News inclusion guidelines

Do it now in Producer

Unpublish an edition

If you wish to remove your edition from the catalog:

  1. Open the edition in Producer.
  2. Click the Publish tab and then Set publication date and then Revoke this published edition.

Unpublished editions are removed from users’ libraries and cease to be discoverable.

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