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This Help Center article explains distribution options for your Google News edition.

Before readers can see "Feed"-type sections, you must verify ownership of the domain where your content is hosted, using the Google Search Console.

Distribution settings

To configure distribution settings for your edition, click Distribute in the navigation menu of Producer. Here are the distribution settings you can update:

  • International distribution: Block or allow access to your edition to specific countries
  • Language: Set a primary language and automatic translation preferences
  • Distribution with other Google products: Choose whether you want other Google products (i.e. Chromecast, Google Play, and Google Assistant) can access your content

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International distribution

By default, your edition is available to readers worldwide. If you'd like to restrict access, you can target distribution by choosing to either allow specific countries (users in other countries can't subscribe) or block specific countries (users in all other countries can subscribe).

For targeted distribution, you can select from a list of countries where the Google Play Store is available. Check the countries you'd like to allow or block, then click Update.

Note: Any changes to your international distribution settings are effective immediately.


Select the primary language of your edition and whether you'd like to turn on automatic translation for readers in other languages. By default, automatic translation is enabled.

Not all languages are supported on all devices. For Android devices, you can check which languages are available by visiting Settings > Language & Input > Language.
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