Fix settings & report problems in Google News

If you're having problems loading Google News, finding your settings, or reading specific articles, try these tips. You can also refer to the Google News Help Forum, where other readers share tips and knowledge about Google News.

Can’t open Google News

Try updating the News & Weather app Google News. Check for app updates on the App Store.

Personalized settings not working

Fix problems with specific articles

Article has typos

Articles you find on Google News come from the websites that publish the articles. If an article has typos, there might be errors in the original text.

Problems in specific articles

Other problems might include:

  • An outdated article
  • A wrong headline
  • An article in the wrong section
  • Problems with page appearance or navigation
  • A blog or press release without a label
  • An article incorrectly labeled "Fact Check"

If you find one of these problems, contact us.

Suggest a site or feature

If you have an idea for Google News, suggest it on the Google News Help Forum.

If you'd like a site to be added in Google News, learn how to apply for inclusion.

Report spam or inappropriate content

If you believe a site violates Google News' quality guidelines for spam, file a spam report. The site might be removed from Google News.

News organizations publish the articles and images on Google News. If you find content that’s inaccurate or outdated, contact the publisher of that content.

Here are some ways to handle other problems:

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