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Although we prefer to offer registration-free access to news articles, we do include some sources that require registration or subscription. We mark the publications that require subscription or registration with the term (subscription) or (registration), so that you can choose whether or not to access them.

To offer users more free content, we've worked with many subscription and registration sites to provide users free access to some content. This program, called First Click Free, offers users navigating to subscription content from Google News a free view of the first article they visit.

We also designate press releases and satirical articles by appending a source's name with (press release) or (satire).

If you find a subscription-based site in Google News that doesn't display a "(subscription)" tag, or an unmarked press release or satirical article, please let us know. Please keep in mind that if you click on multiple articles from a site that has enabled First Click Free, you may encounter a request to subscribe or register.

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