Advanced News Search

To get even more specific and refined Google News searches you may want to use Advanced News Search. You can use Advanced Search News to find specific articles from particular publications or search for articles from a specified date rate.

To access Advanced News Search from the Google News homepage, simply click the black down arrow that appears in the regular Search field at the top of the page.

Advanced News Search includes four fields to enter queries for four different modes of search. You can search for articles:

  • With all of the words you enter.
  • With the exact phrase you enter.
  • With at least one of the words you enter.
  • Without a word you enter.

You can also specify where you'd like Google News to search for a particular query. In the drop down menu next to the word occurring, you have the following options for places where your search term should be found:

  • Anywhere in the article
  • In the headline of the article
  • In the body of the article
  • In the URL of the article

Under Date added to Google News, you can specify from what publication dates Google News should return articles. You can select articles from the the last hour, last day, past week, past month or specify a date range in the date fields below. For date ranges earlier than the past 30 days, use Google Web Search.

In the Source field, you can identify a specific publication whose articles you'd like to see exclusively in your search results. Likewise, in the Location field you can specify from what geographic location you'd like to see articles.

For even more tips on refining your searches, visit The Essentials of Google Search.