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Blogs, satire, and press release sites

Google News strives to provide you with access to as many different types of news sites and perspectives on current events as possible. Many users have asked us to let them know when they're clicking on a certain types of content in Google News. To satisfy this request, articles published in a blog format, that contain satirical content, or are press releases appear with a special tag next to the publication name. Read below for more information on each category.


Blogs typically identify themselves as such, and adhere to standard blog formatting by displaying regular entries in order from newest to oldest. In many instances, blog posts contain more opinion content. Sources that have identified themselves as a blog will appear with the tag (blog) next to their publication name.


To offer a diversity of opinions and content Google News does contain some satire, often humorous or hyperbolic stories with the intention of social commentary. We identify these types of articles with the tag (satire), so that you'll know when you're reading a satirical article.

Press release sites

We mark sites that distribute press releases from different sources and organizations that publish press releases with the term (press release). This allows you to know if you're reading a press release from a distributor or public institution before clicking on an article.

We acknowledge the difficulty in characterizing different types of content in the rapidly changing publishing landscape, but we also hope to provide useful ways of helping you select what you want to read. If you find a source in Google News you believe to be mislabeled, please contact us with the name of that publication, and we'll review it.

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