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A kért oldal jelenleg nem érhető el az Ön nyelvén. Az oldal alján választhat egy másik nyelvet, vagy azonnal lefordíttathatja bármelyik oldalt egy tetszőleges nyelvre a Google Chrome beépített fordítói funkciójával.


Google News is compiled solely by computer algorithms, and articles in Google News are pulled directly from websites that publish those articles.

From the moment we discover a new article, we'll keep revisiting it looking for changes. Since we've noticed that most changes to articles occur just after they're published, we revisit articles most frequently in the first day after we've found them. After that, we visit them less often. Although we keep revisiting the publisher's site to find new updates to articles, errors in the source may sometimes appear in Google News stories, even if the source corrects the mistake.

Our automated system looks at the article's source code and extracts a title from the title meta tag. If the exact title isn't included in the tag, our system will guess at the appropriate title. This may affect the way stories are displayed on Google News.

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