Google+ posts

Sometimes, the best, most relevant content for you about a particular news story may come from people you know. You may see content and commentary from people in your Google+ circles alongside the day's top headlines.

Just like the articles included in Google News, posts are identified and displayed by a computer algorithm that crawls Google+ for timely and interesting content. Alongside the day's top headlines, you'll be able to see content and commentary from leading newsmakers as well as people in your Google+ circles. You'll only see a snippet of the post on the Google News homepage, but you can click the linked text to read more. If you'd like to read more posts by this author, simply click on their profile picture where it appears next to their post.

Setting your preferences

We understand that you may prefer only to see articles from the websites of traditional news sources on your Google News homepage. Here's an easy way to opt out of seeing these posts on the homepage.

  1. Click on the Personalize your news button (the gear icon in the top corner of your News homepage).
  2. The Settings link underneath your list of preferred sources will take you to your additional Google News settings page.
  3. Under the section News Homepage, you'll see the option Show Google+ posts in main column selected by default. Uncheck this box if you'd prefer to not see Google+ posts in Google News.
  4. Click the Save changes button.

What kind of Google+ posts to expect

Google News will include Google+ posts from the whole range of Google+ users. You should expect to see posts from journalists and news organizations as well as people in your circles where available. If you're not seeing a journalist or news organization on the Google News homepage, we recommend that you add them to your circle though this won't guarantee their content will appear. Currently, posts will only appear in some editions of Google News.

If you see content that you believe is inappropriate for Google News, please let us know.