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Suggesting local news for you

When browsing Google News, we will automatically suggest a "News near you" section based on your location. You can see this local content in a special section for your city.

Occasionally, we may not correctly identify your location. In this case you can choose to manually change your location by clicking Change Location where it appears next to the name of the city our system has automatically detected (if you don’t see this option, sign in to your Google Account first). When you enter your location information you should try to be as specific as possible. You may want to try entering your city's postal code. If your postal code fails to bring up accurate local content, use your city and state/province.

Additionally, we use automatic signals to determine which edition of Google News to show you. You may want to review how to switch editions if we're displaying news from the wrong country or in the wrong language.

Due to various differences in naming conventions between countries, we may sometimes have trouble identifying your correct location. Additionally, some regions have fewer news sources and there may not be enough content to fill an entire section. We're aware of these issues and working hard to correct them.

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