Browsing and searching mobile and tablet news

Similar to the desktop version, Google News for mobile and tablet devices gathers the latest news articles, and organizes each story by section. The mobile and tablet versions make it easy to browse Google News wherever you are: whether checking the news on your phone while on the go, or reading articles on your tablet while on your sofa at home.

Below are some tips to help you navigate Google News on your mobile or tablet device:

Nexus and iPad tablets

If you are using a Nexus or an iPad tablet, visiting Google News will automatically take you to the Tablet view of the Google News front page (Note: In editions where the tablet view is not yet available, the classic version will be shown.)

To navigate between news sections:

  • Swipe horizontally on the front page to browse other sections. Alternatively, you can tap on a section title in the top horizontal navigation bar to navigate to this section directly.

To explore more headlines for a story:

  • Tap on Explore in depth underneath your article of choice. An in-depth page with more articles will appear; if available, relevant videos, photos, and a story timeline may display as well. If you're signed into Google+, you may also see recent relevant posts from the Google+ community.

To navigate between stories:

  • Swipe the in-depth article page horizontally to browse other stories. Alternatively, you can tap on a dot in the top horizontal navigation bar to jump directly to that in-depth story page. To navigate back to section page, tap on the section title in the navigation bar or hit the back button within your browser (or on Android devices, on your device).

To read the full article page:

  • Tap on an article in Google News and your browser will open a new tab on the site of the publication you'd like to read. Google News will continue to remain open on the original tab; you can toggle back to this tab to continue browsing and exploring the news.

Android and iPhone

If you are using an Android or iPhone, visiting Google News will automatically take you to the Mobile view of the Google News front page.

To browse the many different sections available on the front page:

  • You can either scroll up and down or tap on the Jump to button, which will display a full menu of the sections available for viewing. Selecting one of the sections from the menu will jump your browser down to that section on the front page.

To view multiple headlines for a story:

  • Tap on Show more to expand the story and access similar articles from other news sources. You might also see relevant Google+ posts about the story. Tapping on the See all [a number] articles will show you the latest and most comprehensive developments for each story.

To search for a topic of interest:

  • At any time in your browsing experience, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for a topic.

To navigate to an article page:

  • You can simply tap on an article in Google News and your browser will navigate you to the site of the publication you'd like to read.

To see more stories for a particular section:

  • If you’ve reached the last article in a section, you can view more stories about that topic by clicking the small box underneath that article. For example, if you’re in the Business section, click on the box that says More stories from Business.

Other phones and mobile devices

If you are using other phones and mobile devices, Mobile View displays sources that are designed specifically for mobile web browsers. You can see more top stories and more stories from your favorite section by clicking on the All links. To view the top stories from all sections on your Google News homepage, click Expand sections. To collapse the sections, click Collapse sections.

To enter a search query, just type your query in the text box, and click on the "Search" button. Since keypads and buttons may vary from devices, you may want to consult your owner's manual to learn more about your device.

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