Custom Sections for subscribers

Note: This feature is not available for all editions.

Custom sections directory enables you to get news tailored specifically to your interests. You can personalize your own homepage with standard sections from the regional and language editions of Google News, along with Custom sections from the directory of sections created by Google News users.

When you visit the Google News Custom sections directory, you will see a listing of News sections. Some of these sections have been created by Google employees, and others have been created by Google News readers. There is also a search capability to look for an existing section you may be interested in. If you find a section that may be of interest to you, you can preview the section and add it to your News front page.

Adding a Custom News section

You can browse Custom Sections created by Google News users in our Custom section directory. To visit the Google News directory, simply click the Personalize your news button or the gear icon at the top of the Google News homepage, and click Advanced». For each section, we display its title, summary, and details provided by the creator of the section.

You can easily sort available sections by a number of criteria on the left side of the directory, such as Highest rated, Most users, and Newest. You can also easily sort Custom Sections by type, category, and edition of Google News.

To add a Custom Section to your Personalized News homepage, simply click the Add this section button. You can also rate sections, as well as click on the author name to see all the sections created by that user. Additionally, you can look for Custom Sections related to specific keywords using the Search for sections search box.

You can also simply create your own Custom Section, see further instructions on this help entry.