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Google News expandable story boxes

A Google News story box is a group of articles about the same news event. These boxes reflect how Google News organises various articles and multimedia items for a given story. Here are some tips for using this feature and for navigating easily between many different perspectives on one story or topic:

  • Clicking the box will expand it, showing you more articles for that story. We may also show you one of several types of article that we think are relevant, for example:

    • In depth: long-form journalism about the story.
    • Local Source: an article from a source local to the story.
    • From [location]: the international dimension of the story.
    • Highly cited: the article that appears to be most frequently referenced by other articles in this story.
    • Most referenced: web content that appears to be the most frequently linked from articles in this story.
    • Opinion: an interesting opinion on the story.
    • Satire: an article offering a humorous take on the story.
    • Live updating: live coverage of a news event.
    • Wikipedia: a Wikipedia article that helps give context and background to the story.
    • Your preferred source: an article from one of the sources that you've identified as favourite in your source preferences.
  • Under Related, you can see some topics that we think are relevant to the story that you're viewing. Clicking any of these topics will take you to our “More coverage” page, where you can find more articles, images and videos about that topic.

  • At the bottom of the story box is a media strip. Hovering your cursor over the images will expand them and, in the case of videos, allow you to play them without leaving the page.

  • When you first visit the Google News homepage, the top story on the page will automatically be expanded. If you'd rather not see all the content related to that story, simply click the Double-arrow icon in the corner of the box to hide the related stories.

  • If you prefer to browse Google News with standard story boxes, you can select "Two-column" on your News Settings page. To access your News Settings page, simply click the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the Google News homepage.


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