Personalization basics

You can get even more relevant and useful information with Google News by customizing some of your sections and settings.

Manual preferences

You can manually control many elements of Google News. The central place for your customization settings can be found by clicking on the Personalize your news button, which appears as a gear icon in the top right corner of the Google News homepage. In these settings you can do the following:

  • Re-order sections by dragging and dropping them with your mouse.
  • Adjust how much you prefer to see news from a given section by adjusting the slider toward the plus sign (+), or the minus sign (-).
  • Delete a section by clicking its trash can icon.
  • Create a section by typing a search term (such as "Environment") in the text box and clicking Add. You can also click Advanced to access the custom section directory.
  • If you are signed into your Google Account, you can also adjust sources. To adjust a source, type its name into the text box, click Add, and drag the slider to your desired setting.

When you are finished adjusting your settings, click Save.

To hide the side column, click the ">>" arrows located in the "Top Stories" bar. You can always bring the side column back by clicking the arrows again.

Additional Settings

If you'd like to personalize the homepage with respect to layout, Google+ content, Sports Scores, Weather, and more please also check the Additional Settings page.


Where available, you’ll see a local news section, based on your location, in a box in the side column of the Google News homepage.

You can change your location in Google News by following these steps:

  • Click Change location.
  • Enter a new location.
  • Click Save Changes.

You can also specify your preferred language and country settings for Google News. Learn more about language and country settings

Turning Off Personalization

If you don’t want to see personalized news, you can:

  • Click on the Standard U.S. Edition (or standard edition of your country) link at the bottom of Google News homepage. This will not delete any of your News settings or Web History. It will switch you to a non-personalized version of Google News for the duration of your current session. (To switch back, click on “Personalized U.S. Edition,” or the link for the personalized edition of your country.)
  • To turn off manual and advanced preferences, click on the gear icon (in the top right corner of the Google News homepage), and then Reset.

Note: Google sometimes also personalizes your news sections based on your past activity on Google News. If you would like to learn more about this feature, visit News history personalization.