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Adjust sources in Google News

To modify your source preferences, along with other Personalization settings:

  1. Click Personalize at the top right corner of your Google News homepage.
    If you don’t see the Personalize button, you’ll need to sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Under "Adjust Sources," enter the name of the news publisher in the appropriate box. Click the plus icon or hit enter on your keyboard. (Don’t type the URL.) You should see the source name appear in the source list below. If you'd like to let Google News know that you'd prefer not to see articles from a particular site, you can follow this step as well.
  3. Use the slider next to the source name to set your preferences. By pulling the slider to the left or the right, you can tell Google News that you'd like to see a site: Rarely, Occasionally, Sometimes, or Often.
  4. Click Save. If you click Personalize again, you can collapse your Personalization page and get back to browsing Google News.

You can always change your source preferences. You can list additional sources you'd like to see often or rarely. By opting to see a publisher "Sometimes," you can restore a site to its default frequency in Google News.

Sources you promote or demote will be ranked differently for you (but not for anyone else) in your Google News search results and at the top of your story clusters. Keep in mind that demoted sources may not entirely disappear for you in Google News, and promoted sources may not appear in all of the stories you see. Finally, your preferences will apply to your specific edition of Google News -- if you switch to another edition of Google News, your source preferences will not carry over to the new edition.

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