Reporting detail view

After your network host has approved your earnings for a specific month, you'll receive a message notifying you of the approval, and the summary data for that month's earnings becomes available within your dashboard. The summary data includes the final earnings amount for the specified month, along with your revenue share of the total number of impressions, the monthly minimum payment (if one exists), and any adjustments for external revenue. Payments don't necessarily occur at the end of each month; they become available as your network host approves them.

If the initial revenue, including pre-minimum adjustments, is less than the minimum amount as specified in the terms of your financial agreement with your network host, the minimum value is applied. Instead of receiving an amount based on revenue by impressions and any positive adjustments, you will receive the minimum amount plus or minus any post-minimum adjustments. When this happens, the earnings and pre-minimum adjustment values in the details section are crossed out and have an "m" next to them, to indicate that the minimum earnings have been applied instead.

For example, if the minimum payment is $5,000, but your actual revenue share for the month is only $4,000, you would see the revenue share crossed out with an "m" next to it and your payment would be the $5,000 minimum. However, if your network host adds a $2,000 pre-minimum adjustment, your payment would be $6,000 ($4,000 + $2,000 > $5,000, and therefore over the minimum).

To view the details, select the Reports tab on your dashboard, then click the view detail link on the left side of the screen. You can also go to the Partner Report page and select a month with approved revenue from the drop-down list. A View earnings detail link appears under the Partner earnings section.

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