Ad tags overview

Ad tags are HTML or JavaScript code that you can place within your site in order to display ads. Ad tags contain information about your site and the types of ad units that you're displaying on it. Your network host has full control over the ad tags generated in DNB and is able to create custom ad tags for use on your sites. The network shares the ad tag code with you, which you must then insert into your site in order to begin displaying ads.

There are two types of ad tags that your network can choose to create and share with you: tag templates and dynamic tags. Your network host may decide to share one or both types of tags for you.

Tag templates

You can generate and retrieve ad tags based on tag templates that your network host has assigned to your sites. Your network can customize the tag templates with specific variables such as ad sizes, zone names, and key-value pairs. The information for each variable is automatically filled in when you retrieve the tags.

You can visit the Get tags page to automatically generate and retrieve these tag snippets. For information on generating and inserting these ad tags, see Retrieve ad tags from tag templates.

Dynamic tags

Dynamic tags provide an alternative to using tag templates. They allow your network host to make changes to ad tags on the back end (such as editing targeting information) without requiring you to re-tag. If a page already contains ad tags created using tag templates, these tags will continue to work, even if they are on the same page as dynamic tags. However, if you have ad tags that weren't created using tag templates, you'll need to replace them with dynamic tags.

When using dynamic tags, you need to add a header tag and a tag for each ad slot on a page. Learn how to retrieve dynamic tags and insert them into your site.

If you traffic your ads using a third-party ad server, you'll need to include both the header tag and the ad slot tag in each ad unit.

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