Add a contact

If you are a Partner Admin, you can create a new user for your DNB account from the New Contact screen. This screen contains basic contact information for the users who have access to your account, including name, email, phone number, and password. A contact uses an email address and password to sign in to the DNB partner portal.

  1. On the Contacts screen, click the New contact button to go to the New contact screen.

  2. Use the Status drop-down to set this contact's account as Active or Inactive. The status must be Active if you want someone to be able to sign in as this contact.

  3. Enter all required details for the new contact. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

    Please note when filling in the Email field that each contact's email address can only be used once within DNB; the email address acts as the contact's unique ID for signing in to DNB. If this contact belongs to multiple networks, they must use a different email address to sign into each network.
  4. You can use the Choose language drop-down list to set the user's preferred language. All text in the user's interface will appear in the language you selected, but any currency values will not be changed.

  5. The Contact role drop-down defines the level of access this contact will have within your portal. A partner admin can create and update all contacts, while a partner user only has permission to view information in the portal and make updates to their own contact information.

  6. Click Save to confirm this new contact and exit back to the Contacts screen. The new contact will now display in the list.

    Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.


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