Retrieve ad tags from tag templates

You can generate and retrieve ad tags based on tag templates that your network host has assigned to your sites (Learn more about tag templates). Your network can customize the tag templates with any specific variables you need. These variables can include data such as ad sizes, zone names, and key-value pairs, which are automatically filled in when you retrieve the tags. You must then insert these ad tags into the HTML of your webpage in order to begin displaying ads.

If you have questions about which options to select when generating your tag templates (i.e. which tag templates, sections, ad units, and sizes to use), consult your network host.

To pick up ad tags for a site:

  1. Click Sites on the Home tab.

  2. Click site name to go the the site detail screen.

  3. Under Inventory structure, find the ad unit or ad block for which you need ad tags, and click Get tags next to the inventory name.
  4. Copy the code for each individual ad tag and paste it into the location of the HTML corresponding to where you want the ad to appear.

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