Reports overview

The Reports tab allows you to view either the estimated revenue or approved earnings for your sites over a specified timeframe. The Partner report screen displays the estimated or network-approved earnings, impressions, clicks, contracted rate, clickthrough rate (CTR), partner eCPM, and partner earnings for your sites as a whole, as well as a breakdown for each individual site.

You can click the Month to yesterday radio button to view earnings for the current month, or click By month to display a drop-down where you can select a previous month. You also have the option to view your sites' performance in terms of impressions or earnings. To view estimated or approved earnings for your sites, select the Partner earnings radio button and choose a month from the drop-down in the upper-right corner.

Earnings data is based on delivery within a given month. Therefore, your reports must begin and end within the same month. For example, if you change a report start date to a different month, the end date will be automatically updated to use the same month. If you change the end date, the start date will be affected in a similar manner.

Changing any of your settings will cause the screen to refresh and display the updated data. You can view your sites' earnings according to several dimensions: site name, in/out eCPM, revenue categories, advertiser, order, or line item. Select one of these options from the Dimensions drop-down list and click Apply to refresh the report and display your data according to this dimension.

If you select In-out eCPM, the page refreshes to display a report with earnings information categorized as either Out eCPM or In eCPM. Earnings coming from line items that are excluded from eCPM won't appear in the summary data on your dashboard and won't be factored into eCPM calculations.

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