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Add lines and shapes

Add lines and shapes to your map to trace your roadtrip, keep track of your property line, or box off a neighborhood you want to live in.

Add a line or shape

  1. Open a new or existing map in My Maps.
  2. In the left panel, click the layer you want to use. The selected layer will be blue on the left edge
  3. In the toolbar, click the line or shape icon draw a line or shape. Choose whether you want to add a line or shape, or add a route.
  4. Your cursor changes to a “+”. Move the cursor to where you want to start drawing, then click once.
  5. Click at each point of your line or shape. The more you click, the more precise your line or shape will be. To move the map, click and hold the mouse.
  6. To finish drawing your line, double click on the last point. To finish drawing your shape, click on the starting point.
  7. Hit Enter to save.

More about lines and shapes

Add a route along roads
  1. Next to the legend, click the line or shape icon draw a line or shape.
  2. Whether you want driving, biking, or walking directions, click one of the Add route options. A new layer will be created.
  3. Click once to mark your starting point.
  4. Click at each point of your route. The more you click, the more precise your route will be. To pan the map, click and hold the mouse then move your cursor to the corner of the map.
  5. To finish adding your directions route, double click on your final destination.
Why are my lines curved?

If you've used My Maps in the past, you may notice that straight lines or shapes you added previously now have a curved appearance. We use the Mercator projection to unwrap and flatten the earth’s curved surface into the flat representation used in My Maps. Previously, lines and polygons were directly drawn on top of the flat map. Now, they will follow the shortest path between their endpoints on the earth’s surface. This is why they may appear curved on the map, especially for lines longer than 200 miles towards the North and South poles.

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