Valid ratings for Movies and TV shows vary depending on the country.  

How to tag ratings in metadata

For movies or TV shows, each rating has the format "system:rating" within a spreadsheet template, where "system" is the name of the rating system and "rating" is the specific rating within that system. To set the rating using the Content and Rights Administration Feed, use the tag: <rating system="system">rating value</rating>.

  • Example: <rating system="mpaa">PG</rating>

Unrated content

Content is considered unrated when a movie or TV show hasn't been assigned a rating by a ratings authority for the territory of distribution. 

  • Example: If the MPAA doesn't assign a rating to a movie distributed in the US, the movie should be assigned a rating value of "UNRATED", and the tag would be: <rating system="mpaa">UNRATED</rating>.

UNRATED content will not go live in countries that require ratings (see table, below).


Leaving the rating value blank is not the same as UNRATED. We will contact your team to determine whether a title should have a rating or is truly unrated.

Accepted rating systems

Country where content is sold Store type Requires ratings Accepted system
Albania (AL) Movies No Not available
Angola (AO) Movies No CCE
Antigua and Barbuda (AG) Movies No MPAA
Argentina (AR) Movies No MPAA
Armenia (AM) Movies No MKRF
Aruba (AW) Movies No Not available
Australia (AU) TV No


Australia (AU) Movies Yes ACB
Austria (AT) TV No FSK
Austria (AT) Movies No FSK
Azerbaijan (AZ) Movies No


Bahrain (BH) Movies Yes MPAA
Belarus (BY) Movies No MKRF
Belgium (BE) Movies No MPAA
Belize (BZ) Movies No Not available
Benin (BJ) Movies No CNC
Boliva (BO) Movies No MPAA
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) Movies No MPAA
Botswana (BW) Movies No MPAA
Brazil (BR) Movies No DJCTQ
Burkina Faso (BF) Movies No CNC
Cambodia (KH) Movies No Not available
Canada (CA) TV No CBSC
Canada (CA) Movies No CHVRS
Cape Verde (CV) Movies No CCE
Chile (CL) Movies No MPAA
Colombia (CO) Movies No MPAA
Costa Rica (CR) Movies No MPAA
Croatia (HR) Movies No Not available
Cyprus (CY) Movies No GRFILM
Czechia (CZ) Movies No CZFILM
Denmark (DK) Movies No MCCYP
Ecuador (EC) Movies No MPAA
Egypt (EG) Movies Yes MPAA
El Salvador (SV) Movies No MPAA
Estonia (EE) Movies No EEFILM
Fiji (FJ) No Not available
Finland (FI) Movies No MEKU
France (FR) TV Yes CSA
France (FR) Movies Yes CNC
Gabon (GA) Movies No CNC
Germany (DE) TV Yes FSK
Germany (DE) Movies Yes FSK
Greece (GR) Movies No GRFILM
Guatemala (GT) Movies No MPAA
Haiti (HT) Movies No Not available
Honduras (HN) Movies No MPAA
Hong Kong (HK) Movies Yes FCO
Hungary (HU) Movies No MPAA
Iceland (IS) Movies No KIJKWIJZER
India (IN) Movies Yes CBFC
Indonesia (ID) Movies Yes LSF
Ireland (IE) Movies No IFCOF
Italy (IT) Movies Yes MBACT
Ivory Coast (CI) Movies No CNC
Jamaica (JM) Movies No MPAA
Japan (JP) Movies No EIRIN
Jordan (JO) Movies Yes MPAA
Kazakhstan (KZ) Movies No MRKF
Korea (KR) Movies Yes KMRB
Kuwait (KW) Movies Yes MPAA
Kyrgyzstan (KG) Movies No MKRF
Laos (LA) Movies No Not available
Latvia (LV) Movies No NKC-LV
Lebanon (LB) Movies Yes MPAA
Lithuania (LT) No N/A Not available
Luxembourg (LU) Movies No KIJKWIJZER
Macedonia (MK) Movies No MPAA
Malaysia (MY) Movies Yes FCBM
Mali (ML) Movies No CNC
Malta (MT) Movies No MCCAA
Mauritius (MU) Movies No BBFC
Mexico (MX) Movies No RTC
Moldova (MD) Movies No Not available
Namibia (NA) Movies No Not available
Nepal (NP) Movies No MPAA
Netherlands (NL) Movies No KIJKWIJZER
New Zealand (NZ) Movies Yes OFLC
Nicaragua (NI) Movies No MPAA
Niger (NE) Movies No CNC
Oman (OM) Movies Yes MPAA
Panama (PA) Movies No MPAA
Papua New Guinea (PG) Movies No MPAA
Paraguay (PY) Movies No MPAA
Peru (PE) Movies No MPAA
Philippines (PH) Movies No MTRCB
Poland (PL) Movies No MPAA
Portugal (PT) Movies No CCE
Qatar (QA) Movies Yes MPAA
Russia (RU) Movies Yes MKRF
Rwanda (RW) Movies No CNC
Saudi Arabia (SA) Movies Yes MPAA
Senegal (SN) Movies No MPAA
Singapore (SG) Movies Yes MDA
Slovakia (SK) Movies No MPAA
Slovenia (SI) Movies No MPAA
South Africa (ZA) Movies Yes FPB
Spain (ES) Movies Yes ICAA
Sri Lanka (LK) Movies No Not available
Sweden (SE) Movies No SM-SA
Switzerland (CH) TV No FSK
Switzerland (CH) Movies No FSK
Taiwan (TW) Movies No MOC-TW
Tajikistan (TJ) Movies No MKRF
Tanzania (TZ) Movies No MPAA
Thailand (TH) Movies No BFVC
Togo (TG) Movies No CNC
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) Movies No Not available
Turkey (TR) Movies Yes ECBMCT
Turkmenistan (TM) Movies No MKRF
Uganda (UG) Movies No MPAA
Ukraine (UA) Movies No Not available
United Arab Emirates (AE) Movies Yes MPAA
United Kingdom (GB) TV No BBFC
United Kingdom (GB) Movies No BBFC
United States (US) TV No TVPG
United States (US) Movies No MPAA
Uruguay (UY) Movies No MPAA
Uzbekistan (UZ) Movies No MKRF
Venezuela (VE) Movies No RESORTE-VIOLENCIA
Vietnam (VN) Movies Yes MCST
Zambia (ZM) Movies No MPAA
Zimbabwe (ZW) Movies No MPAA


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