How does the Google Mini perform in intranet environments?

The Google Mini was actually designed with Intranets and internal company networks in mind. The Mini has the tools required to access many different kinds of data across an organization, and provide fast and relevant search results to your users. The Google Mini can give employees quick, secure access to internal company information to make them more productive and able to make better business decisions, from searching ad-hoc file shares to secure intranets to CRM systems. The Google Mini has many features that make it an ideal solution for corporate network search within your organization, which include integration with existing document-level security systems and access to information from business applications.

Intranet search solutions are usually not all that great, and many people have given up on being able to search within their company. We don't think that you should be able to find David Hasselhoff's height in centimeters in seconds on something the size of the Internet, but not be able to find the report you published just a week ago. By bringing Google search technology into your organization, you can leverage the same high quality algorithms and engineering that has gone into making the definitive source for Internet searches.

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