Can the Google Mini index content in databases directly?

The Google Mini does not directly crawl databases, but you can make database content available to the Google Mini by web-enabling your database. If direct database indexing is a requirement for you, we encourage you to consider the Google Search Appliance, which has direct database connectivity.

To web-enable your database, you can create two dynamic pages or templates (in the web programming language of your choice) to display the database content via HTTP. The first page should display all the details of a specific record based upon a unique ID passed in the URL string. This detail page would generate a SQL query using the unique ID to retrieve the details of the record for display. Also, this page is the one that the user would see if they click on this page in the search results.

The second page should be a complete list of hypertext links for each record that should be included in the index. This master page would generate a SQL query to retrieve the unique ID for all records. These unique IDs would each be used to construct a URL, which points to an instance of the first page. Once you have done this, point the Google Mini at this master page, and the Mini will index all of the records that you have exposed.