Can the Google Mini index NTFS and NFS file systems? How about UNIX files system?

Yes. The Google Mini can crawl and index UNIX and Windows file systems. There are two ways to configure the Google Mini to crawl your file shares.

One solution involves web-enabling your file systems in order for the Mini to access and crawl them. The easiest way to web-enable a file share is to install Microsoft IIS or Apache Web Server on the server that the content is located on. Similarly, most content management systems have the option to display content in a web-enabled format.

Once you have enabled directory browsing, point your Google Mini to the root directory's URL, and it will discover all the content on that file system that you choose to expose. You may want to review our Directory Browsing whitepaper located at

The second solution involves native file crawl crawling using the SMB protocol. The Google Mini uses NTLM and basic auth to handle security permissions. You may want to review our Directory Browsing and SMB Crawling whitepapers: