Can a single Google Mini crawl both Internet and intranet content?

Though the safest and most secure way to do this is to have a separate Mini for your internal and your external content, it is possible to do it with one. The Google Mini can crawl both Internet and intranet content and administrators can use the Google Mini's collections feature to provide separate search engines for publicly available content and proprietary intranet content. With the Google Mini collections feature, you can divide up your Google Mini to provide great search on multiple web sites in your organization. A collection is a filtered subset of your entire document collection. Once you set up a collection, you can tell the Google Mini which collections you want it to search on for each search query just by passing the collection names in as a parameter with the search keywords. You can use collections to provide rich functionality on multiple parts of your web infrastructure. For example, you can create different collections for different categories of pages (eg. product pages, support pages, articles, etc.) and have the user choose which categories they want to search through. There are a few things to note when using collections: 1) If different collections are to be used by different sets of users (for example, your external web site is open to everyone, but your intranet is only open to employees), you should place a proxy web server in front of your Mini. Users will send search requests to the proxy server, and this could then choose the appropriate collection(s) to serve results from based on the user's permissions. The Google Mini also supports NTLM versions 1 and 2 and HTTP Basic authentication and authorization for filtering search results. 2) In the case of running your external website and intranet on one Mini, you need to place the proxy server outside of your firewall in order to serve your external website search. Your intranet users can either go directly to the Mini or to another proxy server inside your firewall. For a more robust appliance-based solution (no external proxy required), we recommend Google's Search Appliance with its security enhancement package. This provides document-level security, beyond NTLM and HTTP Basic Authentication and Authorization. For more information go to: