Can I subdivide my website so that visitors can search different sections individually as well as the whole site?

With the Google Mini's collections feature, you can divide up your Google Mini index to provide great search on multiple websites or sections of your website/intranet. A collection is a filtered subset of your entire corpus of documents. Once you set up a collection, a user can indicate which collections he wants it to search by using an easy drop down menu that passes the collection names in as a parameter with the search keywords. Just a note, the Google Mini can index multiple domains and hosted websites. You can use collections to provide rich functionality on multiple parts of your web infrastructure. For example: 1) Provide search for your external web site and your intranet using just one Google Mini. 2) Have a general search box on your web site for all documents, and then have another search box on your support site which only searches over the support pages. 3) Create different collections for different categories of pages (for example, product pages, support pages, articles, etc.) and have the user choose which categories they want to search through. 4) Have a different look and feel for each collection you configure (for example your internal search results page may look different from your public site results.)