Can the Google Mini search more than one domain?

You can definitely use the Google Mini for multiple sites. Google Mini can crawl and index contents on any combination of servers or domains and set up individual searches for each website or combination of websites. In Google terms, this is the Collection feature. Collections are unique slices of the content index, a subset of the search index. It is very simple to set up a Collection on the Mini. You simply define the URL or website you want indexed and give the Collection a name. The Mini will crawl and index the content. The Google Mini can index an unlimited number of domains. This includes intranet sites and public URLs on externally hosted sites. If different Collections are to be used by different sets of users (for example, your external web site is open to everyone, but your intranet is only open to employees), you should place a proxy web server in front of your Mini. Users will send search requests to the proxy server, and this could then choose the appropriate collection(s) to serve results from based on the user's permissions. The look and feel of the search results can be fully customized to match each of your sites. This functionality can be used to search across multiple sections within a single site, as well. From a best practices perspective, many of our customers purchase two Google Minis, one for public web site searching and the other to provide fast, relevant searches for employees. Many of our customers use their Google Minis to power the search for multiple sites. One good example is, a large online retailer: