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How come even when I send images with RCS, they are extremely compressed? About 3mb down to ~100kb. I want to find a way to fix this. I have reinstalled, clear the data, and cleared the cache. Other u…
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MMS messages are not part of my mobile plan, will I be charged for pictures I send in RCS messages I have tried contacting my mobile operator (BT) but no answer
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Chat features aren't working on my device I'm using a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (SM-S367VL) using Android version 9. Also, Carrier Service isn't…
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Lost RCS after switching from Fi to AT&T I have a Pixel 4 XL that I purchased unlocked and have been using on Google Fi. RCS was working fine…
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Can't turn on chat features I can't turn on chat features. The setup for chat features gets no further than the phone number ver…
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Google Chat stuck on "Verifying phone number" Google pixel 2xl on SpeakOut. RCS chat features are stuck on loading, and I have tried deleting the …
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Lock text messages How can I lock individual text messages using the messages app. On my HTC Desire 530 and on my Samsu… RCS no longer working after clearing play services I previously had RCS enabled on google messages with a pixel 2 and verizon wireless. I had to clear …
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Chat features are unavailable in Google Messages I want to enable RCS on my Samsung Galaxy Note8 running Android v8.0.0 (Unlocked, purchased directly…
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Updated: This month
Carrier services Do we need carrier services? What does it do..or only for Google phones thanks. https://play.google.…
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RCS Stopped Working after activating Dual Sim - Verizon Physical Sim Google Fi on ESIM I have a Pixel 4 XL that is unlocked. I had Chat (RCS) features working fine on my Verizon number af…
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RCS message won't work My android messages is connected but whenever I send a message it keeps on sending SMS, also the set…
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How can I use Google messages without phone plan? I already know about Google voice. See subject line. I'm not interested in Google voice. I want RCS features over wifi with no phone pl… Why does Google send 1 SMS each day ~ 1pm that is "verifying your number for Chat features" It appears that my phone is fully setup for Chat features as it shows "Connected" under the Settings… Chat features not working on Jio sim. Hey there, I am using motorola G4 Plus with jio sim. And i can't turn on chat features in messages. … Chat features are unavailable for this device after factory reset. USA Galaxy S10+ Google chat was active and working on my US unlocked Galaxy S10+ on 12/26/2019 and due to a theme is…
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Update for chat features in unsupported regions Hi everyone, Last year we rolled out the ability for users to enable chat features in a number of re…
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Switched phones. Old phone receiving messages sent to me instead of coming as SMS to new phone. After switching phones, I realized my messages were coming to my old deactivated phone because the c…
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