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I have a red triangle with an ecclamation in middle on the upper right corner of a sent message that Sent message with red truangle that has exclamation in centre. Ut is located in upper right corner o…
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color changing message bubbles Been using messages for a while now, no issues, but today, randomly my chat bubbles from when I send…
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Google Assistant messages integration not available on my Google account? For whatever reason, I never got the Assistant features in Messages (suggestions, sharing cards in c…
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Can I pin a conversation of contact to the top of my messages list so it is always there? I have used third party apps that allow this feature, can I use it here? Predictive text is on but doesn't work Predictive text is on but does not work
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When using Messages, how do I remove Emoji icon in GBoard text entry area? I'm using GBoard. When I write a text message using Messages, the text entry area shows an icon (smi…
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MMS not being backed up by google 1 I have a pixel 3xl updated to latest updates, using google 1 and android messages but google 1 does …
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How do I forward a received message to a group? How do I forward a received or sent message to a group? Cool pad E2 my phone name எஸ்
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Someone using my account to create her facebook .. I do not have any facebook account. Hi, I need someone to assist me. I just realized that someone using my gmail account to create faceb…
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Hiw can i get a name ro stay with the txt when it is saved to the # in my fone e en though it its # When I have # saved in my contacts amd its only a 5 or 6 digits # like Twitter Notifications or payp…
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