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in a groupchat i get my own texts back even after inputting my own number, clearing data, & retrying I always use many groupchats, so this issue is very large for me. When I got my new lg g7, i used me… How can I edit or delete a member of a group I created I created a group but want to edit or delete a member. How do this?
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Where u find WiFi messaging WHERE I find where to delete group messaging>>>> on WI Do messaging. BUT. WHERE U FIND WIFI MESSAGING?????
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Send SMS error 38 since 16th Oct. Worked before. Motorola G5 plus, airtel India SIM, SMSC correct. Send Sms gives error 38. Worked before 16 oct. Checked SMSC. It's correct. Replaced SIM as it had st…
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MMS Group Text not downloading on my phone; showing as individual message I've got a Pixel 3a running Android 9 on T-Mobile. Using the standard Google Messages app that's pre…
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How do i access old messages Back up store
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How do I get my picture in the identifier circle instead of just an initial? Identifier found some funny as fuck clips on YouTube I am sending them to friends god do they have a life sad Just shared them because I feel so much hard work has gone into them and I am wondering why they are… What is the difference between cache and data? I am in Messenger app. How do I know if I am texting just one person? I never do group chats?
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How do I send sms I want to talk to my mom but I can’t find where to start sending messages.. plz help me. Literally I…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 5 Upvotes
How to check for your SIM card service center number on message app settings I created an sms group, sent text the first time it went but the second text i received not sent fee…
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Please take my number out of these sex chats Take my number out of these sex group
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MMS/Group Chat won't work in Android Messages Android messages will not send or receive MMS messages while I'm connected to a WiFi network. It tri…
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Message notification not showing. Have turned on notification in the app setting. Android 10, Pix 3 Message notification not showing. Have turned on notification in the app setting and also general se…
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I'm using a backup because I can't get in my phone because it has been remotely hacked so I reset i I reset my phone now I can't get in it keeps saying put a email address and goggle will get in touch…
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Pixel 3 MMS not sending-- "Message Not Sent: Invalid Destination Address" My Pixel 3 is able to receive MMS messages, but every time that I try to respond, I receive an alert… How do I find and remove people that hacked rmy phone Trying to find who hacked my phone and remove them Is there a way to view all pictures sent and received in one text thread without having to scroll? View all pictures in a text thread without scrolling
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