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Messages app keeps changing my notification sound. I have a custom notification sound that I like to use when I get text messages. Typically, it works … Messenger Verification Code I recently received a random text message, out of the blue - doing nothing from "Google" saying "You…
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Why is messages adding weblinks based on certain words in my text? I've been noticing, messages is underlining words in text messages than attaching information based …
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HELP: Messages no longer matches 5-digit premium SMS messages with their entries in my contacts app Hello, Prior to the first week of November 2019, my Google Messages app -always- matched 5-digit SMS…
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RCS Chat Not working on Pixel 4 XL This week I upgraded from the Pixel 3 XL to the Pixel 4 XL. My carrier is Verizon. RCS Chat worked o…
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Messages on Android app Short Code contacts not showing names, only number On the Android app, Short Code contacts are not showing names or contact photo; only numbers are sho…
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When a single person sends me a photo it turns it into a group chat between myself and that person When i receive a photo from a single person it makes a new group chat between myself and that person…
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Why am i getting a text notification back from myself when i text someone? Restarting my phone and googling the issue
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RCS no longer working, setting up connection in progress... Using a Pixel 3 XL and everything had been working fine for months, RCS was great and now a few days…
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Chat features are unavailable in Google Messages I want to enable RCS on my Samsung Galaxy Note8 running Android v8.0.0 (Unlocked, purchased directly…
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