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Messages app keeps changing my notification sound. I have a custom notification sound that I like to use when I get text messages. Typically, it works … in a groupchat i get my own texts back even after inputting my own number, clearing data, & retrying I always use many groupchats, so this issue is very large for me. When I got my new lg g7, i used me…
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Block all porn sited Need 2 block all porn sites
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Google Messages Notification issues Android 10 Notifications on Android 10 seem to be a big issue for me. For example, the "Pop up" option to have …
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No sms connection 'No SMS connection' message and an icon of a cloud with a line through it in messages app. Can anyon… Can't send or receive messages with photos on WiFi, works fine on carrier network Note 8 on Sprint. When I am connected to any WiFi network I cannot send or receive messages that hav…
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notifications from blocked callers I am still getting sound notifications for a blocked caller's texts. Don't see any way to stop them.
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Why Seeing Ads My Phone.I Don't Want Seeing Ads,I Don't Like This.Please Stop And Help Me.Thank You I Don't Want Seeing Ads My Phone.I Don't Like This.Please Remove How do I fix a network hacking I had a computer repair July 2013. My information was stolen. Subsequent devices were cloned with th… Someone keeps getting into my Google account settings my yahoo.and everything else thats contacted Someone is getting into my Google account and Gmail and yahoo and all of my social media t hey have …
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How do I stop it from saying not sent tap to try again It wont let me send message to anyone Please fix the splash screen for dark mode. It is BLINDING. Splash screen for messages is still white, even with system dark mode for Android 10. Also does not …
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Messages App taking up 1 GB space Messages takes up huge storage on my Samsung S9+ device. As the screenshots show, Google Playstore p…
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All settings are correct, however my phone still wont send group MMS messages. How do I fix this? I have spent an hour on the phone with google support today and have tried every setting related thi…
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I have a overdraft fees in my bank account $4.99 I have a overdraft fee in my bank account I did not give y'all permission to draw anything for my ba… Messages for web "something went wrong. Try again in a few minutes" so when i scan the QR from my pixel 2, it immediately gives me the error above. ive tried clearing c…
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GC message with size more than what MMS can support issue when receiving group mms I’ve contacted both the carrier and google and we have reset network settings, deleted cache, verifi…
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Unable to send or receive group messages when on WIFI I am using a Samsung Galaxy s7 with service on boost mobile. The android message app is up-to-date (…
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Excessive battery drain from Google Messages Occasionally Messages goes into high power drain mode. Phone battery life for a charge is normally b…
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I need help disabling all the scans I did to set up Messages to web, getting duplicate messages Hello.. I am not all that computer literate, got a new Chrome book , came across this Google message…
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