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How can I receive texts from an iphone user? I can't get texts from friends and family who are iphone users and I can't find a way to fix this.
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Pourquoi je n'arrive pas à envoyer de SMS depuis mon mobile je peut que les recevoirs..🤔 🤔🤔🤔
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I woke up and all of my SMS text messages had vanished and were gone. Disappeared. Help All my text messages vanished when phone restarted. How do I get them all back? Pictures, important …
0 Recommended Answers 117 Replies 650 Upvotes
Why does search on Messages return old text conversations with my contacts, but not current? When I search Messages, the search returns the correct contact, but when I click the contact it take…
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I want to retrieve a message that i deleted with kim A message was sent to me by kim/sister that included photos and i deleted the message by mistake.
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Where do I put in the code to deregister iMessage in my android phone Can't send SMS messages
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I can't send text messages I can receive SMS but can't send them or reply
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 25 Upvotes
How can I export (example txt, pdf) google chat sms to PC? How can I export (example txt, pdf) the sms of google chat to PC? On another app it is possible to e… Please update instructions to report spam on Android This is just an FYI. The instructions for reporting spam messages on Android found here in the help …
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How to schedule the messages I want to set time for message to send it later ..but that kind of feature is absent.fix it I cannot receive sms messages. I've tried everything but still no luck. I can send sms messages on my cell. But do not receive any incoming messages. This is a big problem …
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Swipe to delete conversation on Messages instead of just archive, as already present in Gmail! Gmail has a feature on conversations to swipe right/Left and archive/delete as choosen by user in se… Arrivato SMS senza che io facessi niente: Google is verifying your number for Chat features Arrivato SMS senza che io facessi niente: Google sta verificando il tuo numero per le funzionalità d…
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Blank Screen, Application Locking up I recently moved from a Galaxy S10+ to a Galaxy S20+. The reason was that when using Messages App, i…
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