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Updated: Yesterday
RCS / Chat Stuck on "Setting up... Trying to verify..." Pixel 3 from Google Store. Google Fi. I cannot get RCS to set up. It's constantly stuck on "Setting … Unable to get Advanced chat features to complete. It just says "excuse the wait..." Sat all night I've tried removing the app. Clearing data from carrier services. Factory resetting my phone. Using … Rcs stuck on trying to verify phone number When the rcs went live in the UK; it came up connected. Since then the status has always been trying… RCS not working on Note 10+ I have google messages as default and I am getting chat features unavailable for this device? Any su… Why the function does not work on the phone: redmi note 8 pro Я не могу использовать функцию с 18.11.19
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Completely unable to enable RCS chat features on a Verizon Pixel 2 XL My mother's Pixel 2 XL will not enable chat services, no matter what I do. It always just says, "Cha…
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RCS status perpetually says "connecting". Has been like this for days at least. I am trying to turn RCS on. Tried all the troubleshooting, uninstalling/reinstalling Messages, etc. …
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Chat features draining battery I turned on the Chat Features a couple of weeks ago, and had no issues apart from a couple of texts …
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Does RCS Chat feature work on corporate accounts? Can't seem to get it enabled. I have a Galaxy S9+ on Verizon as part of a corporate account (company phone). Verizon recently laun…
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