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cannot send photos in a text msg. shows a red X and message not sent? new phone zte avid 557 just want to beable to send photos to my kids via text without links to open this msg etc
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Fogot password facebook me Give me new password facebook . Faiez_bye@yahoo.com
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"Chat Features" periodically disables itself I have an Oppo Reno 10x and I've been using Google Message for a few weeks. Recently joined the beta…
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My phone stopped letting me send pictures or memes via text and i have reset it all to no avail. Two weeks ago my phone stopped allowing me to send pictures or memes via text every time i try it ju… How can I activate mu chat functions? I've tried to continue investigating and keep doing the initial first steps but it just says me to w… HOW do I i see all messages an forgot pass word Trying to read all messages received an sent from this phone
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Updated Messages. Why Has My Message Widget Disappeared I was using Messages with the Message widget on my Android mobile phone. I also use Messages for the…
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How do I send/receive messages sent to my personal number using my work phone? I have 2 Android phones - a personal phone (and number) and a separate work phone (and number). I ha…
Updated: Yesterday
Hi, I'm Nicola from Italy. I tried Google Messages, RCS doesn't work. Do you know when rollout here? I tried Android Messages, I send sms or mms but I can't send advanced messages using RCS.. So I wond… How do you change the bubble colour in the messages app after the Pie update? Tried everything. I forgot my pin code so I used the find my device to lock my phone and override the pin but how do I its for s10+
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I’m with Search & Rescue and am trying to sync alerts from text messages to devices in my home like I’m with Search
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I have a major stalker can anyone help me get an account off my Android I have a major stalker can anyone help me get an account off my Android
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If i start a completely new message in messages, I automatically get about 15 words pasted in. Everytime I try to initiate a new message in Messages, the program automatically pastes about fiftee…
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Google Messages unable to verify number I'm attempting to enable chat features, but the app is stuck on verifying my telephone number. Inter…
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found some funny as fuck clips on YouTube I am sending them to friends god do they have a life sad Just shared them because I feel so much hard work has gone into them and I am wondering why they are… Verification texts won't stop I tried Messages by android on my mobile phone. I set it up on my Pixelbook as well. Everything load…
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I cannot download pictures sent to me through message form I pressed the blue icon for download notification
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I cannot scan the QR code to sync my phone to the web messages app on my chrome browser in windows 1 I cannot scan the web messages QR code. I used to be able to scan the code and use web messages on m… How do i get messages to use it's by default? Other suggested words appear in blue but not it's. Set a default (in blue) word suggestion
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 155 Upvotes
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