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Updated: Yesterday
New App Update (V5.9.099) has broken RCS/MMS send/receive over WiFi on GS8 Android 9 Messages MMS/RCS over WiFi is broken in app, which breaks Messages for Web. (been like this for abou…
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I lost old texts off pixel phone when switched sim card to new iphone. HELP me get those lost texts! I have been on Verizon, google, and iphone tech support for 5 hours today. Trying to recover VERY IM…
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After Pixel2 reinstall, Messages app won't do voice to text. Why? I did a factory reset on my Pixel 2. Since doing so, voice-to-text will not work in the Messages app… iPhone on my account that I don’t have access to Recover info off my other phone
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Samsung Gear Fit2 not receiving Google Messages from Pixel 3a My Samsung Gear Fit2 does not receive Google Messages notifications from my Pixel 3a phone. I was us…
0 Recommended Answers 42 Replies 39 Upvotes
Why am I getting a text notification back from myself when I text someone? IT IS VERY ANNOYING TO GET YOUR OWN TEXT MESSAGES AND ALSO THEY GET SEPARATED FROM PICTURES. I HAVE …
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RCS is "connected" and enabled, both parties have RCS, RCS is not working As stated in the title. Google Messages app is updated to the latest Play Store version. RCS is enab…
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Why can’t I reboot my tablet Basically out of nowhere I couldn’t sign into my google pixel x tablet. I know for a fact my passwor…
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I don't have mobile data. At home there is no cell service, boonies. will this send /recieve message asking before trying so as not to do it wrong is it is possible.
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Where do you begin with the ansroid sdk? What are the recommended platforms? What platform do you use to start using SDK and APi's? Recommended platforms for android.?
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Emoji reactions not working on Galaxy s20 The emoji reactions option does not appear when I long press a message I am trying to react to with …
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Your messenger verification code is g-######## So I am continuously getting sent these messages from Google on my phone. I also received a message … How do I check my own mobile no??? Check my mobile number!
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