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Your chats stay private with Google Assistant in Google Messages

Google Messages can show you suggestions to get more info from the Google Assistant about movies, restaurants, and more. Assistant suggestions let you see and share helpful info quickly, without leaving your conversation.

Learn more about how to use Google Assistant in Google Messages.

How suggestions work

Suggestions are:
  • Created by technology that’s built into your device so your conversations stay in the Google Messages app
  • Based on your recent chats
  • Only visible to you, but if the person you’re chatting with uses Google Messages, they might get the same ones

If you tap a suggestion, Google Messages asks the Google Assistant to search for that term. Results show up as a card that you can see and share in your conversation.

If you’re signed in to the Google Assistant, your searches show up in My Activity. Only your search terms are sent to the Google Assistant, not your conversation.


  • The Google Assistant can read what’s on your screen if you use an option called “Use screen context.”
  • If you’re signed in to the Google Assistant, it will use that Google Account when you search.
  • To improve suggestions, Google Messages sends Google the category of the suggestion (for example, a movie, weather, or restaurant), and whether you tapped it.

How we protect your data

Your conversations are personal, and that’s why Google Messages uses technology that keeps them private.

Conversations stay in the Google Messages app

The Google Messages app creates suggestions with technology that’s built into your device. This way,  your conversations stay in the Google Messages app. They aren’t sent to the Google Assistant or Google servers.

Shared cards don’t identify you

Cards that you share from the Google Assistant don’t have any of your personal information, like your name, email, or when you last visited a place.

Cards you share with people who use Google Messages are saved temporarily on Google servers but aren’t linked to you. If you share a card with someone who uses another app, they’ll see a URL to Google search results.

Suggestions use only regional location

To offer relevant suggestions, Google Messages gets lists of local places for large regions from Google servers. For example, if you’re in Seattle, you might get a suggestion for Pike Place Market.

If Google Messages has location permissions, it can request and download these lists. When Google Messages makes the request, your device’s exact location and any personal identifiers, like your name, email, or phone number, aren't sent to Google servers.

Important: When you use the Google Assistant, it uses your device’s location settings and the Google Account linked to your Google Assistant to provide results.

You're in control

  • To view and delete suggestions you tapped, go to My Activity. If you delete an item there, it won’t be deleted from your chat.

Google Assistant settings stay separate

When you use Assistant suggestions in Google Messages, these stay the same:

Learn how to change Google Assistant settings.

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