Test the Messages app

If your Android phone came with the Messages app, you can test experimental features of the app before they’re released.

Important: You can only use one version of the Messages app at a time. The beta version might be unstable and have a few problems. We don’t recommend using the beta version on your main phone.

Sign up for beta testing

  1. Go to the Messages app Play store page.
  2. Choose Become a tester.
  3. Follow the instructions.

Stop beta testing

Go to the Messages app Play store page. Follow the instructions.

How beta testing works

As a beta tester, you’ll be able to use features that haven’t been released to the public. These features could become available in the future. We ask that you don’t publicize or share the features you’re testing until they’re publicly available.

Send feedback

Your participation and feedback will help us make the app better. To submit feedback:

  1. Open the Messages app Messages Logo Round.
  2. Tap More More and then Help & feedback and then Send feedback.
  3. Enter your feedback.
  4. Tap Send Send. Your message, system information, and email address (if you're signed in) will be sent to Google.
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