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Control message delivery

Your messages can’t always be delivered immediately, like when you or your contact loses cellular or internet service. Google Messages tries to deliver unsent messages continually. If there’s an error, or you want to try another delivery method, you can switch from RCS to SMS/MMS text. 

Important: When you send messages as SMS/MMS texts, they won’t be end-to-end encrypted. Check if a conversation is end-to-end encrypted.  

Send undelivered messages as SMS/MMS texts 

If a message was sent but hasn’t been delivered: 

  1. Open Google Messages .
  2. Tap the conversation with an undelivered message.
  3. Tap the timestamp of the undelivered message.
  4. Tap Switch to text (SMS/MMS).


  • Text messages are dark blue in the RCS state and light blue in the SMS/MMS state.
  • To make sure messages are sent and received quickly, keep your data on.    

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