Disapproved data feeds or items


Common reasons for data disapproval


Our specialists are constantly monitoring the quality of your data and they may disapprove items that are not compliant with the Google Merchant Center Program Policies and Editorial Guidelines. If your feed was disapproved, the technical contact in your account should have received an email detailing any errors and instructions on how to fix them. In this case, please correct the errors and resubmit an updated version of your feed.


For your reference, here are some of the most common reasons why your items may have been disapproved:

  • Prices in your feed don't match the prices that appear on your item pages.
  • The links included in your feed are broken.
  • The links in your feed direct users to the homepage of your site instead of specific item pages.
  • The currency and language in your feed don't match those of the target country.
  • You've included promotional text (e.g., free shipping!) in your items' titles or descriptions.
  • You're submitting data from your marketplace store. Learn more
  • There were unauthorized attempts to access your account.


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