Data feed upload issues

You'll be able to view all errors and suggestions on how to fix your data feed by viewing the Feed Status Summary page in your Google Merchant Center account. You can access this page by clicking on the status of your feed.


Tips for submitting your items successfully


Please make sure:


  • Your feed is in one of the two supported file formats for Google Shopping: text and XML
  • Your feed has all the required attributes.
  • The links in your data feed match the domain of the URL registered in your account.
  • You're specifying the location of your data feed file, and not the URL of your store (e.g., if you are scheduling your data feeds.
  • Your feed is using correct encoding.
  • Your feed does not exceed the size limit.
  • Your feed contains unique id attribute values for each item.
  • You have followed the Program Policies and the Editorial Guidelines


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