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Merchants selling via Shopping Actions on Google are the merchants of record, which makes them responsible for issuing any required tax documents (e.g. tax invoices) to the buyers. There are many reasons why a customer would request an invoice document:

  • Business customers may need an invoice stating the paid VAT amount for their own tax / accounting process.
  • Customers may want to file a warranty request to a manufacturer and need an invoice to prove ownership, as well as source and date of purchase.
  • Customers may want to participate in Cashback promotions (e.g. by manufacturers) and need the invoice as proof of ownership.
  • Customers may want to resell their purchased products and need the invoice as proof of ownership.
Note: In France, there’s no legal requirement to automatically issue an invoice to non-business customers upon supplying an item. Also, as Shopping Actions on Google is not directly targeted towards business customers, there’s currently no automatic provision of the invoice.

Manual invoicing process through Customer Support

A customer can reach out to Google’s Customer Support, and the Google CS agent in turn reaches out to the merchant’s CS to retrieve the invoice document and then forward it to the customer. This process is time and cost intensive, and does not scale to a larger number of merchants.

The situation on the merchant side is similar, as CS there is also costly and the solution does not scale with a larger number of orders.

Automated VAT invoicing process

Automated VAT provides an automated way for merchants to provide invoice documents to customers who need them. The Automated VAT invoicing process works by:

  • Reusing existing functionality of merchants to send invoices to a billing contact address.
  • Capturing those emails and retrieving the attached or embedded invoices from them.
  • Storing the resulting document alongside the order data before making it available to the customer.

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