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About ID verification for Shopping Actions (US only)

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To participate in Shopping Actions in the US, you’ll need to submit your government-issued ID to be verified. You may do this on behalf of your business.

How it works

Google uses this information to confirm that it's you. Your personal information and any documents you submit will be added to your payments profile. Your personal information and documents will be stored securely and treated in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Payments Privacy Notice where applicable. The verification process won't affect your credit score or credit rating.


Step 1: Create a payments profile

Step 2: Verify your ID

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Shopping Actions.
  3. Under "Product and business information", click ID verification. (The ID verification is greyed-out if payments profile in Step 1 is not yet completed).
  4. Enter your name, address, and other information. The name and information you entered must match the payments contact in your payments profile.
  5. Confirm your information, then click Submit.

Keep in mind

  • This verification may take a few days.

  • Once completed, the ID verification status will be enabled with a green check mark under Payment and business information. An ongoing process status is reflected during the verification process. If verification failed and the user has to re-submit the document, the status will be pending.

  • If Google is unable to verify the identity, you may try again. There is a limited number of attempts. You may contact support if ID verification permanently failed and you think there’s been a mistake.

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