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This article explains how to set up your tax information for Shopping Actions in France. If you’re using Shopping Actions in the United States, you’ll submit your tax information through your payment service provider. 

Keep in mind: Some of your users may place Shopping Actions orders using payment instruments registered in many countries.

For orders placed by customers using registered payment instruments that are not from the European Union, Google may request more information about your business or the merchant to which the funds are to be paid. For this reason, it's recommended that you update your payment setup in your Merchant Center account to avoid any delays in disbursement.

Note: This form refers to the United States, but also applies to non-EU countries.


  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Payments on the navigation panel.
  3. Under Business Information, scroll down to “Payments profile” and click on the pencil icon  next to “United States tax info”.
  4. Click Add tax info or Update tax info.
  5. Answer the following tax form questions.
    • Select No if you are not a US citizen, US resident alien, US corporation, or a US partnership. If you answered No, proceed to step 6.
    • Select Yes if you are a US citizen, US resident alien, US corporation, or a US partnership. If you answered Yes, follow step 6 listed in the US section.
  6. Enter the following information on the “Certificate of foreign status” page:
    • Your name as shown on your income tax return
    • Permanent residence address
    • Classification
  7. Enter your digital signature and click Submit.


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