Shopping Actions update: Improved returns experience

August 2019

To improve the returns experience for both retailers and customers, we’ve made several updates to both our returns platform and policies. 

What’s changing

Streamlined return operations

  • New dedicated returns tab in Merchant Center: This new interface has a real-time view of incoming returns and serve as a one-stop destination for processing refunds and Google-facilitated returns. Learn more

  • Return shipping fees: All newly created returns will have the return shipping fee information visible in both the new dedicated return management tab in Merchant Center and, soon, also in the OrderReturns API resource. The information provided includes both the amount that can be deducted from the return based on your return policy, as well as whether the customer expects to be charged this amount (deducted this amount from the refund) based on customer selected return reason. Learn more

Return configuration improvements

  • New return setting APIs: You can now set your return policy and return addresses via APIs by using the Return Settings APIs. Learn more 
  • Automatic return address update for historical orders: There are new ways for you to update or edit return addresses in Merchant Center. You can choose between sending only new returns to the updated return address or sending all historical returns with the same return_address_label to the updated return address. Learn more
  • Automatic return policy validation and enforcement: To give customers a consistent and predictable return experience, Google will now automatically validate and enforce return policies. Products that don’t follow Google’s facilitated returns policy will be automatically disapproved.

New partial refunds guidance for buyers and sellers

  • We’ve clarified our refund guidelines when the item is returned in an altered condition. Learn more

Early access to returnless refund support

  • You may save return shipping and processing costs by issuing customers refunds without returns. Submit this form to express interest in early access to the returnless refund feature.
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