Updates to Merchant Center 2019

Google Merchant Center has been redesigned with simpler navigation that offers you more personalised control of your programmes. Use Merchant Center to explore new programmes for your products while continuing to manage and configure product data for your current programmes. 

Navigate the new Merchant Center

We've made navigating Merchant Center cleaner and easier by consolidating the two side menus into a single navigation panel and moving less frequently used tools to the 'Tools and settings' menu. Use the new Overview page (which has replaced the Home page) to get a quick rundown of all of your programmes and pending tasks. Explore new programmes and get insights into how to expand your reach with the Growth page. 

The navigation panel

The new streamlined navigation panel includes top-level entries to help you easily find the tools and information that you're looking for. Click on a top-level entry to access additional menu items and pages.

  • Overview: Use the new Overview page (previously 'Home') to quickly see pending tasks for programme setup, as well as Merchant Center announcements and your customised dashboard information. This page features cards for each of your programmes with details such as tasks, feed information and Shopping ads clicks. Each programme card has direct links that you can follow to access your data diagnostics and product feeds.
  • Orders: See active and archived orders, including returns.
  • Products: Manage your product inventory, including diagnostics and data feeds. Pages include Diagnostics, All products (previously 'List'), Feeds and Export.
  • Performance: View reports of past data and use them to monitor and improve operations and service.
  • Marketing: Actively improve your positioning and the appearance of your products and listings. Pages include Promotions and Merchandising.
  • Growth: Use the new Growth page to find insights into how to improve your business in the form of actionable suggestions, market reports and analysed data. Use the 'Manage programmes' page to see details on current and potential programmes.

Access tools

Manage your business information, delivery and returns, tax settings and more in the Tools section of the new 'Tools and settings' menu. To get to the Tools section, click on the tools icon .

  • Delivery and returns: Set up and manage your delivery and returns services and policies.
  • Tax: Set up tax for all of the locations where you sell.
  • Business information: Manage your business details, including address, website and contact information.
  • Shopping ads setup: Configure settings for Shopping ads. 
  • Shopping Actions setup: Configure settings for Shopping Actions.
  • Surfaces across Google: Configure settings for surfaces across Google.
  • Local inventory ads setup: Configure settings for local inventory ads.

Manage settings

Manage your account preferences, access, links, users and more in the Settings section of the Tools and settings menu. To get to the Settings section, click on the tools icon .

  • Content API: Set up the Content API for Shopping (advanced), which enables you to programmatically upload product listings.
  • Account settings: Manage your time zone and language preferences.
  • Account access: Adjust the user access levels and administrative ownership for your Merchant Center account.
  • Linked accounts: Link your Google Ads, Display & Video 360 and supported e-commerce platforms to Merchant Center.
  • Automatic improvements: Enable automatic item updates to allow Google to update your price and availability information automatically based on the schema.org microdata we find on your website.
  • STFP/FTP/GCS: Use SFTP (preferred), FTP or Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to transfer product data to Google's servers.

Additional Merchant Center features

Set up programmes

Merchant Center supports a variety of programmes that help you promote and advertise your products on Google. You can manage existing and explore new programmes by clicking Growth in the navigation panel and then selecting 'Manage programmes'.

The 'Manage programmes' page contains cards that feature Merchant Center's selection of available programmes. You'll see which of your programmes are active and which still need to be set up. Click Get started or Enable to begin setup or to express your interest in participating in a programme. 

Get help

To find help, click the help icon and choose 'Help centre and support'.

Send us feedback

We want to hear about what's working for you in the new Merchant Center and what could be improved. If you have questions about your data or disapprovals, contact customer support using the 'Get help' link. To share your thoughts on the Merchant Center tool itself, click the help icon and choose 'Report an error'.

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