How to set promotion limits and budgets for Buy on Google


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This article explains what promotion limits and budgets are and how you can add them to your Buy on Google promotions.

Limits and budgets allow you to:

  • Have more control over your promotions
  • Limit the amount you want to spend on a promotion
  • Prevent a promotion from being applied too many times

Adding a limit and a budget to your promotions is optional. Learn more about how to create a promotion in Merchant Center

Once the promotion limits you set are reached, your promotions will no longer be displayed to customers. You can set limits for:

  • Maximum budget: This is the total amount you can set for a promotion. For example, imagine that you want to set up a promotion of $10 off per item and you set a maximum budget of $1000. Once you sell 100 items in this promotion, the total budget amount is reached and the promotion is no longer displayed to customers.
  • Order limit: The maximum number of orders a promotion applies to. When the order limit is reached, your promotion is no longer displayed to customers.
Note: Google may stop displaying a promotion before the limit is reached to prevent oversell. This applies for both maximum budget and order limits.

How to add a budget and/or order limit to a promotion:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account
  2. Click Marketing in the navigation menu, then click Promotions 
  3. Click the plus button
  4. Select the promotion categories that best fit your promotion
  5. Under “Buy on Google”, enter the order limit and/or the maximum budget for the promotion
  6. Click Continue and finish editing your promotion

Feed attributes

You can also set a budget and/or order limit to a promotion by using the following promotion feed attributes:

Attribute Description
end_promo_max_applies The maximum number of orders the promotion can be applied to
end_promo_max_cost The maximum budget amount set for the promotion


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