Changes to Shopping Actions Merchant Terms of Service

April 3, 2019

We're updating the Merchant Terms of Service for Shopping Actions in the US.

What's changing

  • Sales taxes: As a result of new tax rules in certain states, we updated terms relating to how taxes are handled in those states.
  • Publicity approval: We added terms to make it clear that you cannot issue a public statement about the business relationship between Google and you without our approval.
  • Item content: We updated provisions relating to our use of information you provide (for example, product images and descriptions) to make it clearer that our use is in connection with our shopping services.
  • Assortment and shipping: We added new provisions regarding your inventory and shipping speeds.
  • Fraud reduction: We've made changes to help Google reduce the likelihood of fraud. For example, we've updated our policy on disbursements to allow Google additional time to investigate potentially fraudulent transactions.
  • Customer Information: We've updated the terms relating to permissible uses (for example, for marketing purposes) of the user information we provide to you.
  • Payments: We've updated some of the payments-related terms to address things like purchase aggregation and changes to our dispute and refund processes.

What you need to do

These changes will be in effect as of May 3, 2019. Continued use of Shopping Actions after that date will be subject to the new terms. To review and accept the new terms:

  1. Sign into your Merchant Center Account
  2. Click the Shopping Actions tab.
    • If you're still in the onboarding process, click on the navigation bar on top and select Terms of Service
    • If your store is live on Shopping Actions, click on the About tab to view the new Terms of Service
  3. When prompted, click Accept to indicate your acceptance.

If you wish to decline the terms, you will not be able to participate in the Shopping Actions program. To confirm that you'd like to decline, contact the Shopping Actions support team.

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